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Open Forum-7

Whatever has occurred in the country has happened in 75 years. Congress has ruled for 50 and non Congress parties 25 out of which BJP 15. All these parties are convicts in the same crime…

The question is not to assess any happening on the parameter of negativity or positivity as happening considered negative today becomes positive tomorrow. The people who were the convicts of Godhra Massacre are now ruling.

Everyone behaves as if something great is happening in the country which was never done in the seven decades of Congress. If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse .What is your purpose in life? Until you take a look inside yourself and discover your life’s true purpose, you will walk through life aimlessly without ever arriving at your destination.

Thankfully, we’re all born with an inner compass that tells us whether or not we’re on the right path to finding our true purpose. That compass is our experience with happiness or joy. By listening to our inner voice and learning to ignore any outside influences or factors that point us in the opposite direction, we’ll find that discovering our true purpose isn’t so hard to get .Life itself can’t give you love pleasure and peace unless you want it….. just gives you time space and relations. It’s up to you how you fill it. Let your presence blossom their life, your internal fragrance will last in your external effect. People around us can influence our lives in many ways. Some add joy to our life and some add pain. Our experience with them add to our lifetime memories. We carry many people in our memories. How we remember them depends upon our experience with them.

There are some people like Nehru who add worth to our life by inspiring us and being true to us. Such people hold a special place in our heart. We get deeply attached to them and even in their absence, their thoughts and ideas motivate us. When someone betrays us, their deceitful actions add to our sad part of the memories and every time we think of them, we get remembered of the hurt.

Never do something intentionally that can hurt others. Your life should add to their happiness and become a source of joy for every life.
Our political achievement should be productive in employment generation. If educated young population remains unemployed or inadequately engaged in various sectors by the government, the country goes to ashtray. And, our silence allows government to continue committing crimes!

This government has decided to politicise Art and Culture. Blind followers have forgotten that the first Odia film SITA BIBAHA was released on April 28 in 1936. Produced by Mohan Sundar Deb Goswamii, it was released on this day at Laxmi Talkies, Puri. In this journey of about 85 years, Odia film industry has seen many talented film personalities and performances, but Odia films have not been adequately rewarded at national level due to an ineffective press, insufficient viewership and incompetent political inspiration. We have failed.

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