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Open Forum-12

The Indian National Congress is now in ideological crisis. They just don’t know what to do and what not to do.

1. They aligned with communists in WB and fighting against it in Kerala.

2. They are talking against communal politics and aligned itself with Indian Union Muslim League in Kerala.

3. Fearing the Hindutwa politics Rahul wear janeu over the dress. Instead of constant barking against Modi ,Rahul couldn’t able to organise his party.

4. As Rahul couldn’t prove himself they brought Priyanka. Despise Priyanka’s nose and hair style resembled that of Indira it didn’t impress the general public and she is a failure now

5.Except some few states Every regional parties are now on the driving seat and Congress is now their junior partner.

6. Admitting some jokers in to the party will bring only misfortune to the party.

7. Congress is gradually loosing its importance in the National politics which is not good for the nation because a viable opposition is badly required in a democracy.

8. In absence of Congress to fill up the gap eccentric politians are marching to the power corridors.

9. It is high time Congress should settle his house in order otherwise it is not late this Grand Old Party will be pushed in to oblivion like British empire.

10. Indian politics has already changed drastically since 2014 which Congress is not able to understand.
With a population of around mere 27 million, Punjab is ranked 16th among the Indian states in population. It has only 23 districts, whose unicameral legislature has only 117 seats. It has only 13 Lok Sabha seats and 7 Rajya Sabha seats,even shares a High Court with Haryana.

This state, practically, has a very little say in national politics.So let’s ignore the television anchors and not bother about the happenings in Punjab. Just feel amused and sleep peacefully.
Today is International Translation Day.I as an Editor with NBT have dealt multi lingual translation for 30 years.My finding is,translation has become a business than art.

People may disagree,but this is the crude reality.As such,doing literature has become a business for many .I have remained a mute spectator.

In Odisha, I have assigned translation to many. People have built up houses, paid fees of children from the translation fee, won prizes with fabulous prize money, got social and cultural recognition. But, after my retirement and relocation to Puri, I discovered the naked truth that they were not better than pimps or prostitutes.

Bible is the first book translated to 100 plus languages as Christians claim. But, as a story, our Panchatantra and Kathasarit Sagar have travelled the world in translation.Rubayat e Omar Khayam is the only poetic piece to have been translated into over 100 languages throughout the world using English as the filter language.As a single author, William Shakespeare is the only author translated into over 200 languages in the world.

Our Jagannath Das, the saint poet who gave us Bhagabata was the first Odia or say translator from Eastern Indian languages. The art of transliteration have been adopted by many including myself .

Many in Odisha possibly don’t know that I have translated over 50 books for children in last 30 years.
Buy One get One Free.When we buy “Jealousy” we get “Headache” for free.! When we buy anger, we get “acidity” for free.When we buy “hate” we get “ulcer” for free.!When we buy “stress” then “blood pressure” is available for free.!

Similarly, when we buy “trust” from conversation, then “friendship” is received for free.! When we buy “exercise” we get “health” for free.!

When we buy “Peace”, good “sleep” is available for free.! When we buy “Love” we get “God’s grace” for free with all the good qualities.! When we buy “Prayers” we get “Peace of mind” for free.!

Now it depends on us, what we buy….!*

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