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NPM will have its own Midtown Manhattan, but that will take time


It’s Sunday today. Following the weekly calendar, coming days will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. To all of us, every Sunday is Family and Loved Ones Day because we spend quality time with our families and share our week’s stories, complaints, and love while eating home-cooked meals or going out to eat, regardless of our financial situation.

I would like you to know that I have been interested in politics since fifth grade, when I started attending political rallies without slippers. So my creativity does not develop in days, weeks, or months, but rather over the years, and I am still learning from everyone and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

So, I have many reasons to believe that I can reach the sky, get higher and higher, and do anything I set my mind to.One day, I can build the National Political Mirror (NPM) office building in New Delhi’s Connaught Place, just like the New York Times newspaper office building. The New York Times newspaper office building is a 52-story skyscraper at 620 Eighth Avenue, close to Times Square, on the west side of Midtown Manhattan in New York City. People in New York City read The New York Times every day in the morning. It has been the most important newspaper in the United States for a long time.

That means I can get water from the dry river if I try. So all I need is your love and support. That’s what motivates me to work even though I have a fever, a headache, and I’m having trouble with money. But I really believe in God, and yes, I can see into the future. Today may not be yours or mine, but tomorrow will be. Believe me.

Everyone can be great but not famous depends on a variety of factors, including better politics from politicians with good intentions, outstanding rulings by judges based on the law of the book, excellent work from disciplined bureaucrats, true journalism from excellent journalists with honest reports, extraordinary engineering and research from talented engineers, great innovations from highly knowledgeable scientists, great research and services for medical fields from highly talented and skilled doctors, business with honesty from less profit-driven businessmen, tasty, good food makers from hygienic cooks, etc.

These professionals, along with many others, are driven by their passion to end poverty and bring about positive change. Their creativity and dedication can pave the way for India to become a developed country well before 2047. This is not just a dream, but a vision that can certainly become a reality.

I am expressing all these feelings because I believe in my respected citizens, who are extremely talented, but not everyone has enough opportunities to demonstrate their abilities. So we need to provide them opportunities to come out of their caste and creed. And believe me, we can defeat any country in all disciplines. I’m saying this after months of reading and researching US politics and policies, because India is the land of talent and great brains, but there aren’t enough opportunities for young minds. So many are applying for US visas. In 2023, the US consular team in India issued over 1.4 lakh student visas, “more than any other country in the world, setting a record for the third year in a row.” It added Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai were the top four student visa processing locations in the world.

Every Indian should constantly adopt the mindset of India first, Bharat first, nation first, and country first.So ignore what politicians say during polls, as I believe speeches are part of their political strategy for winning elections.

Believe me, I save the positive speeches by politicians in my memory, and I immediately erase their negative remarks after listening to them. Once India’s first Home Minister Sardar Patel said that countrymen should forget their caste & creed, and just remember that they are Indian. They have every right in this country but they have some responsibilities along with it.

The 2024 Lok Sabha elections are now going to select members for the 18th Lok Sabha.The Election Commission of India announced the dates for the 18th Lok Sabha elections on March 16, 2024. At the same time, the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) also became law. The tenure of the 17th Lok Sabha is scheduled to end on 16 June 2024.

Summer is here, and I believe temperatures will rise in many states, including political party headquarters, as the 2024 Lok Sabha Polls have already begun. Voting for Lok Sabha seats and assembly polls for four states will end on June 1 and results will be announced on June 4, but the final picture of who will be the next Prime Minister will be, hopefully clear by June 4 before 2 p.m.

Following the results of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, you can see all politicians sitting together, drinking tea, eating lunch, and becoming involved in each other’s good and bad situations. But that’s not wrong because it is part of Indian culture to support each other through difficulties, time, and happy movements. That is why we refer to ourselves as Indians, Hindustanis, and Bharatiyas, and our festivals, such as Diwali, Durga Puja, Chhath Puja, Lohri, Pongal, Onam, Rath Yatra, Ugadi, Eid, Karma Festival, and Christmas, are celebrated around the world.

The most important thing is that this edition of NPM and its cover story are about the most important seven Lok Sabha constituencies in India: Rai Bareilly, Gandhinagar, Lucknow, Nagpur, Wayanad, and Kannauj, which I have explained in detail in the story. As you read through the pages, you will understand the crux of the story.

Note: On May 5, 2024, this piece was originally printed in a weekly magazine of National Political Mirror.

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