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Political Mirror

About Us

Political Mirror is a news website that only covers Indian politics, the Indian government, and state governments. Its founder and editor-in-chief Sanjeeb Kumar Sahoo Post-graduated from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) in 2010-2011. There are news portals and periodicals like National Political Mirror (NPM), a weekly publication with editions in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, that do cover news from other fields, but it does not. Additionally, NPM covers all fields connected to politics and national interests.

Deepshikha Singh helped establish Political Mirror in 2012, and she also provided guidance for the establishment of NPM in 2013.
In addition to NPM, we also have other news websites and periodicals like Theglobalrealty, (TGR) a fortnightly magazine that aims to be a one-stop shop for all information about economically important sectors like construction, infrastructure, and power as well as the most recent developments in real estate as well as case studies, whitepapers, and expert opinion about the real estate industry. TheAviationMirror,  (TAM)a fortnightly magazine that focuses on the Indian and International aviation industry, the Aerospace Industry, airlines news, airports, careers, crimes, cargo, new businesses, safety, seaplanes, and Regional Connectivity (UDAN), and NationalBusinessMirror, (NBM) a weekly magazine that offers news, opinions, and in-depth analysis of business news and views to Indian corporates, MNCs, and start-ups that could get the most recent yet

TheTribalMirror (TTM) news portal focuses on Tribal people from India and around the world. TelecomMirror (TM) is a monthly magazine and news portal on the telecom and IT industry. We give you direct access to the most recent breaking news and videos. NationalHealthMirror  (NHM) is a news portal that instantly offers information on health news, medical device news, and product news.

The most significant fact is that Deepshikha Singh, a daughter of the Late Retd, founded TGR, TAM, and NBM.