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Open Forum-11

I write continuously for the last four decades against systems and critically evaluate many political parties as well as their leaders. I consider it the sacred duty of a conscious citizen of the country to be critical of people in power and to watch their political conduct.

I do write and speak against Congress, BJP, BSP, SP,BJD ,AAP and left parties. I was strongly writing against government when Congress was in power .I took a strong stand against left parties when they were in power in Bengal and Tripura, I still continue to criticise the LDF government in Kerala. I continue to criticize BJD or other regional party governments too.

But, never in India any political party or their supporters other than BJP are so nasty in their reactions. Needless to say, BJP is the most intolerant party for media,writers,intellectuals and educationists. This saffron party supporters are vulgarly violent and are uncultured idiots. Its leaders have a criminal attitude.

India will commit a historical blunder if it elects BJP next time in any election. The country badly needs a BJP mukt Bharat .
This is a very important news. For the first time SC has loudly uttered the term “unnatural sex”. So the court earns a liability to give a strong definition to this term.

If unnatural sex with wife is termed as rape, Indian values will support it. More so the court has to review if same sex intercourse and sex with third gender will not come under unnatural sex.

Let us leave it to licensed people of law.A few days ago in TOI a long debate on marital rape was published . It mentions what happens in other countries. But there is no deliberation if marriages in all the countries are same in nature. There is a huge difference, there should be a longer debate to assert the credibility of the topic.
See the BJP controlled Hindu Rashtra Mantra in one of their posts in social media:

‘Many people take social media very lightly. But let me tell you the consequences.Take a single minute to read :

1: Due to the unity of Hindus, whole of Bollywood is under pressure.

2: Due to your unity, Kareena was going to play the role of Sitamata,Its Kangana now.

3: Hindu unity unveils conspiracy to convert to Christianity as Amit Shah bans 4 major Christian organizations.

4: Due to the unity of Hindus, love jihad was restricted to 50%, it became law in many states.

5: Due to the unity of Hindus, even the opposition is struggling to become Hindus.

6: Due to the unity of Hindus, jihadi business has come under attack in many places.

7: Due to Hindu unity, jokes about your festivals & culture on WhatsApp and Facebook have been stopped 80%.

8: Due to Hindu unity, people who speak against Hindu Dharma have become 70% calm. Hindus are not as quiet as they used to be, they are protesting.

Even if every Hindu has at least 2000 Hindu friends on Facebook, we are spreading our thoughts to over 10 lakh people. Notice that the things you wrote / shared unknowingly are reaching millions of Hindus . So if you can’t write, at least keep forwarding, sharing, copying the thoughts of the one who is speaking / writing.

The awareness of Hinduism on your social media is increasing day by day. Therefore, even secular Hindus are thinking about their religion.Opponents have also noticed the strength of Hindus.Some people who use social media are not idle, some are active on social media, some are doing business, some are working, some are learning.Everyone is doing a great Dharmakarya.Give your life for your religion instead of dying without doing anything, at least your next generation will proudly say that my father used to fight for the country and religion.

Remember that you are here not for likes, but for your religion.Keep up the good work on social media. Your strength is increasing. All the credit goes to Modi, Yogi, Amit Shah. Due to this, Hindus have got invisible power.Keep connecting your people and spread the same religion. Help each other by forgetting caste differences.India will be declared a Hindu nation automatically.’
This extra ordinary High IQ person of India is the so called most popular political leader of the world.He is a super expert in giving advice and Ideas to the experts in their fields.

But He didn’t give any idea on the emerging new techniques to the PILOTS while traveling to America , instead he preferred to do paper work for a photoshoot.

When my friends went on managing awards or promoting themselves, I went on throughout my life building their castles.Now they are kings and I am a pauper.I am a fool and deserve a silent death.It is like Congress today. Sidhu drove the ball straight . Rahul, at non striker end was out of crease , Congress lost a vital wicket. The bowler was Capt Amirinder.

Bottom line : never underestimate a Political Captain.

At the end one should learn from this dictum:

Paulo Freire, an advocate of critical pedagogy, in his Pedagogy of the Oppressed states, “To glorify democracy and to silence the people is a farce; to discourse on humanism and to negate people is a lie.” Let me modify that in the context of many educational institutions in India: “To glorify moral values and to silence teachers is a farce; to discourse on holistic education and to negate educators is a lie.”

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