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Open Forum-17

India has now suddenly become a world class commodity.Cooking gas rate has increased by 15 INR today. If we don’t raise our voices, this government will sell us in the US Market. It’s bureaucrats will auction us and the corporates will buy us as slaves.

I asked my students,’Is it ok for the introduction ?’

‘Perfect’, they replied.

Life is a cut-paste affair only.No need to lament if goal is not achieved as life is a process to have a nice way to take care of means but not end.It is better to avoid the situation which is beyond the capacity to face than to approach the situation with false vanity.

Tagore had visualised this situation and wrote a century ago :

‘My song has put off her adornments.She
has no pride in dress and decoration.
Ornaments would mar our union they
would come between thee and me;their
jingling would drown our whispers.

My poet’s vanity dies in shame before
thy sight.O master poet ,I have sat down
at thy feet.Only let me make my life
simple and straight ,like a flute of reed
for thee to fill with music.

( From Gitanjali )’

The choice of violence or nonviolence is a question of importance to rationality or irrationality as under irrationality comes appetite and emotion. Lonely hours are the best hours of our life because this is the time when we share our deepest pain with the most trusted person in the world, that is with ourselves.

This request needs the attention of many. The recent advertisement in which Amir Khan advises people not to fire crackers in the streets is giving a very good message. People request to address one more problem faced on roads, i. e., blocking roads in the name of Namaz on Fridays and other important festive days by Muslims.

It is a very common scene in many Indian cities where Muslims block busy roads and perform Namaz. At that time, vehicles like ambulances and fire engines are also stuck in traffic causing great inconvenience to people.

People also request to highlight the issue of noise pollution. Every day, loud noise is emitted from mikes arranged on the top of mosques in our country when Azan is given. That sound is beyond the permissible limits.

On Fridays, it is prolonged for some more time. It is causing great inconvenience to people suffering from different ailments and taking rest, people working in different establishments and teachers teaching in classrooms.

Actually this list of sufferers is very long and only a few are mentioned here.

But Shankar Chelapila reports from Koraput that their NH was blocked today for three hours by the people ! Nobody knows the religion.

I don’t pray in public as many do,nor I go to temples to pray.But that does not mean that I don’t pray.I always pray in my heart and will continue to do it till I breathe my last.

I am a spiritual person ,but do not want to be a religious person.

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