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Open Forum-19

By Manas Ranjan Mahapatra

It is difficult to live by our own example like Gandhiji, but not impossible.Do you feel all politicians are honest nowadays.

Is it not amazing that despite so much pressure and so much proof against Pakistan why western powers are not taking any action against it?

As my young friend Niranjan Prasad Dash feels,every western power these days wants that there should be a weak Pakistan to be controlled by the Military with the mask of democracy. These powers know that Pakistan is a prostitute country and it is always ready to be your bed partner for some money and you can use it according to your sweet will.They also know that  Pakistan is the gateway to central Asia and could be used as a base against Russia or China in future.

India should learn this hard fact as early as possible.It also wants Pakistan to be there as a buffer state between Islamic radicalism and India. Though  they  use good radicals against India they are against bad radicals as they are also a threat to Pakistan like India. The Massacre of 300 school children is ample proof of that.So even if India tried to convince the western power to take strong action against Pakistan, they are giving deaf ears to it.

Satisfaction is not always the  fulfilment of what we want.It is the realization of how blessed we are for what we have.Your life is a timeline that is moving every second. two things are certain.You can’t revisit your past and you can’t foresee your future, so why not live in the moment !

Some of my friends feel that an Indian can not have a choice than to support in the present context the highhandedness of Hindutva if India remains a predominantly Hindu country . I am a Hindu by birth and my religion has taught me that plurality is the way of life.We should not expect more than what we deserve.Liberal people are always victims of violence irrespective of religion.

Four decades ago when I began as a working journalist , some of my young friends like Bibekananda Babu were there . They continued and I went for a larger national life.

But our association continued. Some of the eminent journalists or media educators of today were to, by then , begin their innings in Odisha.Bibekananda Dash passed away yesterday ,so calmly,silently !

You are a Hindu by chance ,certainly not by culture . Given a situation you can switch to any religion without regret . You being Hindu is a liability to our religion. Yesterday only Muslim terrorists killed a Sikh and a Hindu only after ascertaining their religious identity in Kashmir .

Your religion teaches you about plurality. But other religions teach singularity. We have to protect our plurality from singularity. Plurality allows singularities. But singularity doesn’t allow plurality.You have no idea on cultural issues.Country do not require anymore melodrama. Because myths exist only in fiction.

Reading (especially what one likes and reading as a passion) is very, very good for us. Research shows that regular reading reduces stress.

In 2009, a group of researchers measured the effects of yoga, humour, and reading on the stress levels of students in demanding health science programs in the United States. The study found that 30 minutes of reading lowered blood pressure, heart rate, and feelings of psychological distress just as effectively as yoga and humour did.

It improves brain connectivity,increases your vocabulary and comprehension,empowers you to empathize with other people,aids in sleep readiness.

It also lowers blood pressure and heart rate
fights depression symptoms,prevents cognitive decline as you age and contributes to a longer life.

Reading may not cure our existing diseases but certainly will reduce the quantum of medicine which we take.  Whenever any tension cripples my mind, I start writing and reading.  It takes a few minutes to concentrate.  Once I concentrate, tension evaporates.

Social problems are more intractable than other problems. One cannot solve any social problem alone as it is linked with others ‘ attitude, decision and activities’.Only way to reduce the detrimental impact of social problems is concentrating on reading,  writing as passion.

One should read those things where he/she will derive pleasure.Education,  job,  have impact , but social problems are basically different from other problems .  It arises when things don’t move the way you desire.

If you lose your near and dear ones,  nothing can console you. If your children donot fulfill your aspirations,  you cannot have mental peace.  There are no solutions to such types of problems.  Only one can reduce its adverse impact.

The most difficult thing in life is dealing with human sentiments and motivating one’s own family members and relations.  Society judges you as per your talent, ability, contributions, position and recognition while relations judge you based on relationship only.  So your societal recognition, positions, talent  donot have any impact while dealing with own relations.( Courtesy: Dr Santosh Kumar Mohapatra)

Government should not only stop DA for government servants , but also salary and pension to MPs and MLAs too as they are public servants. Ministers should be at their respective constituencies to serve people better.PM should stop his travel abroad.

Crime branch describing the death of ACF accidentally   hides more than it reveals. Report should reveal how the accident happened and why his wife did not try to rescue him. Report condemns wife for remaining passive while ACF was dying. How it is possible.  Nobody will remain silent  if the worst enemy suffers like ACF.

It was either a suicide or planned murder.  Crime Branch must find out why one was burnt alive  or what prompted to commit suicide.

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