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The Great India Today-5

By Manas Ranjan Mahapatra

Time has come when Bureaucrats and Corporates will deliver lectures on various topics involving higher research and Professors/Professionals like me will be compelled to  listen to their speeches!

What is the highest value-added action I can do? What can I only do that I’ve done well before to make a difference? Why am I on the payroll?

The answers to these questions help identify all that needs to be done and in what order. That, in turn, will bolster personal productivity.
Everyday some kind of trick is being played.

Mahatma Gandhi advised Savarkar to beg apology is one of them.Lage Raho Nakli debate main.But can you forget the massive unemployment of youth mass.unstoppable price rise of every item of daily consumption, gas/diesel/petrol price ?

Can you forget that national property is being sold piece by piece and a few Looteras getting richer day by day while the overwhelming population is on the way to pauperisation ?Of course,you may play all the tricks at your command but never forget that the country is on way to hell of  helplessness and is helically getting old ! Let us raise our voice incessantly till the people play the only trick at the hustings.Blind Followers of Feku,simply they have no syllabus , a special type of tribe , who have trust on their own superstition with corruption in the name of monetisation and demonetisation !

Why Odia Bhasha Pratisthan does not have a regular Director for last many years with Post Graduation in Odia as per rules besides adequate experience in dealing with translation/editing ? The wonderful world of Classical Language Odia is in photographs only these days in social media and speeches of leaders.

Do we have any roots ?

If so, why we need a connection to climb the ladder ? Why a poor person can’t fight an election on his own? Why only BJP sponsored people are on chairs everywhere ? Why we fear to highlight plight of poor people due to lockdown ? How many of us have read Upanishads??

And if no, what the government is doing to bring experts to the centre stage and not the politicians, bureaucrats and corporates ?


Stage 1: No, Savarkar didn’t write mercy petitions

Stage 2: Ok, Savarkar may have written, but that’s coz he was tortured badly in jail

Stage 3: Savarkar wouldn’t have written it. Wo toh Gandhi ne bola tha

Stage 4: Arre Gandhi ne khud likh ke Savarkar se sign karwa diya tha!

Mahatma Gandhi once offered Beer to Savarkar, He said – Beer! Savarkar.

Savarkar heard it wrong and started calling himself Veer Savarkar.

Ha Ha Ha…

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