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The Happy Happy World-10

By Manas Ranjan Mahapatra

Life has a funny way of teaching us ! When there is something we need to learn, or work on, the same situation will continue to repeat itself until we learn from it or find a healthy way of effectively dealing with it..

We can at any time break the repetitive routine that doesn’t make us happy . When we’re open to recognizing a pattern by listening to our feelings or intuition, we can repair our mindset to create a life  that our authentic self desires..! The world is stuck in a tug of war between the USA & China. The duo  has tangled many countries under its so-called military assistance to create decades of dependence on its technology, create billions of external loans and divisive approach for neighbours locally.

And another one is,creating debt traps especially affecting poor countries of the Afro Asian region to ultimately kill the local businesses and flood the domestic market with ultra-low cost consumer products and then use the same money to threaten their sovereignty….

This hegemonic atrocities and bitter experiences of developing economies will continue unabated if they do not spend their time and resources for their people’s growth. If two states in India can’t stay peacefully for sharing of waters, intrusion into each other’s territories and destroying the local economy by aggressive marketing tactics then how could we expect a very sober international neighbour to be…

Isn’t it so childish of our political leaders and thinkers ? Most of us live an artificial life where self importance is overwhelmed with external attention… Often people have embroiled themselves in things that hardly matter for them.

It is always expected that life should remain smooth by enduring its not so smooth terrain and gain eternal strengths and sharing happiness. But,we are always engaged with external complexity and toring our own mental peace just to remain in someone else’s cosmic thoughts… Most of the urban Indians need cheap food, good health and free basic education. Everything else that comes on the way is acceptable.

It hardly matters to the poor who suffers from malnutrition whether his democratic rights are with him or not. Our leaders are busy with the effort to make us parasites. Shocking to find that Indian democracy has slowly but surely moved from “By the People, Of the People and For the People’ to “By the People, Of the Parties, and For the Politicians’.

Democracy would thrive only under truly Independent Institutions and truly Democratic Political Parties. Unfortunately, most of our Institutions are controlled and most of our political parties are dynastic, autocratic, and undemocratic.

Greedy and manipulative politicians have eaten away at the foundations of our democracy. And the results are there for everyone to see. Miss Universe changed 3 costumes during the Grand Final of the contest. But our PM Modi changes 5 costumes in a day while paying obeisance to God as the cost is paid by we, the people of India ! No option.

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