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Respected citizens of India, I am strong now that I was weak. I’m not afraid now because I used to be scared. I’m wise because I’m still learning from everyone. I listen to everyone, whether they are a child, an adult, a grown adult, or an older person, and I take good things from them and use them in my work and personal life. I am also fortunate to have great friends from childhood. In the last 20 years, I’ve made new friends who are always there for me, especially my batchmates from Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC).

To be honest, I never lie or be dishonest because I don’t like dishonest people. I also believe in love because I don’t like people who are greedy, dishonest, cheat, lie, or are corrupt. I always have a smile on my face because I cry when I’m sad and alone. I know the solutions to any difficulties because I ask myself questions, obtain the correct answers quickly, and smile with excitement.

And you should be aware of my hidden qualities in my life; if I do not know the answers to your questions, I will say I don’t know, but I will try to find the answers because you have placed your trust in me regarding my skills, honesty, talent, research capabilities, and knowledge of Indian politics. And there is nothing wrong with declaring that I am more talented than top businessmen’s children because I failed the class 10th board exam but reappeared, and I was the only student in my batch who passed the supplementary exam. I fell into the river in my village twice during heavy rainy seasons, but I came out of the water unscathed.

I also had a serious accident where I fell off a 30-foot bridge and had to stay in bed for six months. I chose home care over hospital because my mother, who raised me and my siblings by herself as she lost her husband at the early age of 27, didn’t had the money to pay for my hospital bills. I even learnt that my mother was ready to take me to a good hospital in Odisha’s Rourkela, but when I came to know that she had to borrow money on interest, I told her straight no. And, it took me six months to return to normal life.

I also collapsed in a train while returning from Tati railway station in Jharkhand with wood to sell at my village market but stood up again. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I truly believe that everyone has talent but the truth is that some people get opportunities while others are still waiting for them, and some people die waiting for opportunities, even though they have exceptional talent.

I never left anyone or did anything bad for money or power, even though my life saw many ups and downs. In fact, people lied to me even though they needed my help. One intriguing aspect of mine is that I always see someone’s insult as a blessing in my life. I don’t feel bad when people insult me because I read insults as God’s word for good things to happen in my life, and I fix my mistakes when I’m doing something wrong. Believe me, these insults are actually assisting me rising to new heights and growing both on my personal and professional life fronts.

So, my editorial policy is very clear, I always promote good, young and talented politicians and their works for the needy people. It doesn’t matter to me whether he or she belongs to BJP, Congress, or any other political party, because my primary intention is to help needy people through this political magazine. It is because there isn’t a single weekly political magazine that covers politics, policy, and governments exclusively.

Let us discuss the BJP’s recent two-day national convention, which began on February 17 and ended on February 18 at New Delhi’s Bharat Mandapam. The cover story also highlights the BJP’s two-day national convention. This narrative came to mind following a few seconds into a conversation with Ashok Patel, the BJP’s media coordinator, at the party’s national headquarters in New Delhi.

According to me, Patel is an amazing BJP media coordinator who is doing great work for the party. He also attends journalists with utmost respect. Through this editorial, I’d like to thank Ashok Ji for providing me with a media pass to attend the BJP’s two-day national convention. I am not going to explain more about the BJP’s two-day national convention since I’ve discussed everything in depth in the cover story and if you read it page by page, you’ll fall in love with it. I also have excellent takes on other national and regional political parties, which I may pursue in future editions.

I would like to conclude by mentioning a young female bright politician, Asha Lakra, the national secretary of the BJP. She was also Mayor of Ranchi Municipality. I am delighted to see her rise inside the BJP. I would like to thank top leaders of the saffron party for giving her the opportunity to interact with over 12,000 party leaders at Bharat Mandapam during the BJP’s two-day national convention.

I appeal to other political parties that they promote new members and fresh faces for the sake of the growth and development of these parties and the country. We need fresh and enthusiastic faces in politics and the government because their skills and intelligence will help the country achieve the goal of Viksit Bharat.

In this edition, I have added 2019 Lok Sabha Polls results in detail. I am not discussing why it was added, but after you read the magazine, you will understand why it was required.
Last but not the least, after reading the edition, don’t be upset or mad at me because I only added the BJP story.

Trust me, as I mentioned earlier, the next edition will have stories about other political parties as well.


Note: On Feburary 18, 2024, this piece was originally printed in a weekly magazine of National Political Mirror.

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