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Respected citizens of India, love does not happen at first sight since feelings for someone require time to develop. However, if someone believes they are in love at first sight, it indicates that they are attracted to or infatuated with someone, rather than in love. So I was liking her before and now I am falling for her, but I am hesitant to tell her because I am afraid she will be hurt by my feelings because she may be loving someone or already in love with someone, but one thing is certain: I can wait for her for days, weeks, months, years, or forever.

So, I’d like to begin the next paragraph with three of her qualities: she is gorgeous, that she is kind, and that she is always helping people who are in need.

Similarly, a person cannot become a great politician unless he or she has the following qualities: the ability to connect with the masses through effective speaking or communication skills; awareness of the ground reality; visionary thinking regarding national development and aspirations for the country and its people; and a capacity to work tirelessly for the people 24 hours a day, seven days a week; and daily interactions with political party cadres that will help his or her to get political success.

To begin a career in politics or establish oneself as a politician, it is critical to consider the points mentioned in the second paragraph.. However, relying solely on a public relations firm to promote himself or herself to voters may be a waste of money. Such agencies’ strategies are no longer effective in today’s world, where voters are well-informed and aware of political tactics.

So, ladies and gentlemen, my responsibilities are growing with each passing day as people’s expectations of me rise because I believe in creativity. In this edition, I covered the 44th anniversary of the BJP and the Congress manifesto, which was released for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections on April 5, 2024. I believe after reading the stories, you will appreciate the efforts that went on in pulling out this edition of National Political Mirror.

I would like to reiterate that I’m not backing any political party, and that the next edition would most likely cover all political parties, but anything I do will ensure that all parties have equal playing fields in my coverage of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Since I attend press conferences of both the Congress and BJP, it is my responsibility to give adequate space to both parties on the cover page. I relished on ‘Rasgulla’ in the BJP office, while I ate Upma with coconut chutney in the Congress office after press conferences in New Delhi. So, you could understand I can’t be biased towards a particular party.

It is true that money is important, but money does not always help you save the life of someone you care about, as my personal Covid 19 experience shows. I would always pick love and political journalism over billions of dollars, expensive houses, cars, and other things that can provide individuals with a nice existence but do not provide the happiness that comes from helping needy people or making someone smile.

As I am not the type of person who writes political articles or lies to get advertisements for National Political Mirror. If anyone is interested, they can send me advertisements but sponsors should not put any rider on it.

I don’t lie because it hurts the trust someone has in you when you lie. So, always tell the truth. The person may not like you right away, but they will remember you and use you as an example to cite your case. This is happening to me.

As a responsible citizen, I will be honest with you. I dislike people who lie for power or other reasons, and I would never do that to anyone. If you want to start a relationship, you should be honest from the start rather than creating a fake bio and pretending to be rich.

As I conclude this editorial, I must tell you I spent over 48 hours developing these cover page ideas. On behalf of the National Political Mirror (NPM), I ensure I will publish the BJP’s manifesto as soon as it is available, with a creative cover page and headline.


Note: On April 7, 2024, this piece was originally printed in a weekly magazine of National Political Mirror.

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